Sunday, September 6, 2009

USA - training week x 2

Well i have made it to the USA and have managed to make it through my two week training course. It has been completely manic!!! - up at 6am and bed at midnight, training has been going usually from 8am till 9pm. There has been soooo much information to remember that my brain is fried - but i've also had an awesome time.

Our training has been at Creek Runners Lodge, at Big Bear in the San Bernadino Mountains. It's absolutely gorgeous up here.

I've met some amazing people at Big Bear and we've done some pretty ridiculous things, from skits and charades to playing the funniest bonding games (like duck duck goose, and leap frog). We've had dancing nights where Simon taught us to do a bit of partner dancing, we've played basketball, done announcement relays and studied our butts off!!!

Our last night at Big Bear we all went up to Randy's and had dinner before spending an hour or so on a boat on the lake, and then making our way to a local pub.

I made up a bit of a video with all the crazy stuff from our first week.. so i might as well add it on here.

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