Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week Number Three

Week three was only a short week yet again (little did I know I would never complete a full week of doing 'normal' Mirror activities)

This week I did a couple of ICT classes. The ICT guys work on the Mirror website and programming and are an 'advanced' English class. We spend the whole hour talking about whatever issues or topics that they want to discuss. Topics included gambling (which is illegal in Thailand - even having possession of a deck of cards is considered gambling), the name of dice and cards, gambling games including everything from cock fights to bug fights, cricket races and roulette. Teaching and talking with them made me realise how complicated the English language actually is - there's so many ways to pronounce certain vowels and words and quite often they aren't spelt how they actually sound to non-native speakers. 

Childcare at Jalae was eventful - we got there only to realise it had been cancelled due to Chinese New Year celebrations, so we joined the group at Phu Koc and learnt all about the art of childcare fighting:
1 - Girl is on swing but boys wants to swing on it
2 - Boy grabs swing and stops the girl from having fun
3 - Both are completely still and stare at each other for a bit as if to test the water
4 - Boy thumps girl across the head
5 - Girl tenses and more staring ensues
6 -Finally both lash out at one another until Mirror volunteers intervene

Mid week we are preparing for our hilltribe homestay and I also get a chance to help out in the office and translate some information for the website. Mirror has an awesome little program that enables them to type in Thai words and it translates the meaning of them into English - so basically it was my job to read the already translated Thai and then reword it to make more sense - which was actually harder than I thought. 

Finally this week we have a party, karaoke, dance and fire to farewell the Thai interns that have been with us for the past two weeks (and with Mirror for the past 3 months) - I know that karaoke doesn't sound very Thai but they definitely put their own spin on things. 

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